Cal Newport

Is Technology Making The Wrong Things Easy?

I’ve worked in the technology industry for a number of years. Long enough to have seen some incredible advances in what computer technology can do to help us solve puzzles. And then there are other times where I am puzzled about what technology is doing to us.

The Algebra Behind Maximum Effort

Another full day and it feels as if you really didn't get anything done. Which turns into a week that flies by and yet the inbox is bigger and the desk messier. You resent thinking that, to really get anything done, you would have to come in earlier and stay up nights.

Well, don't.

Some of the most productive people do not work any longer than the rest of us, they just know the algebraic formula that produces maximum effort.

Email is the Addiction of Choice for Busy Workers

Have you ever found yourself sending an email to someone with the complaint that you get too many emails? Email is the addiction of choice for busy workers. We find ourselves using it more and more, and at the same time it's painful to watch as our inbox grows. It's time for an intervention.