Curiosity Turns Your Brain Into A Sponge (In A Good Way)

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of trying to spoon-feed a toddler, you know that you have to dress appropriately - it’s going to be a mess. Something resembling a hazard suit might be the most appropriate, with plastic spread across the floor in all directions. Please do not attempt this without a water hose at the ready.

The effort itself doesn’t sound all that tough: put content on transfer mechanism, convey to recipient who then chews and digests it. That is the idea, at least, and some of that banana-carrot-mango-sauce might actually make into the baby’s mouth.

Are You Curious About Becoming Better At Conversations?

There is a guy who I met in Pittsburgh who is my favorite person ever to have a conversation with over lunch or coffee. It wasn’t the content of any one conversation, it’s that we could have a conversation about most anything that interested us. And, get this - we could even talk about politics or religion without someone walking off in a righteous huff.

It helped that he is a pretty intelligent dude, but that’s not what makes him great at conversations. It is his curiosity.